Dramatische Lage in Äthiopien/Wittener Partnerstadt Mek’ele/Mekelle/Aktualisierung 03.12.20

Hier eine aktuelle Information von Herrn Ahmedin Idris:

Ich habe gerade ein Mail vom Dr. Reiye wie folgt erhalten.

——– Weitergeleitete Nachricht ——–

Re: Alarming Information from Tigray Ayder University Hospital Mekelle 02-12-2020
Datum: Thu, 3 Dec 2020 16:16:02 +0300
Von: Reiye Esayas <reiyeesayas@gmail.com>
An: etiopia-witten <etiopia-witten@online.de>

Dear friends of EW, here is an update of our hospital as of today:

1. no electricity; 2. the generator has fuel enough for only one day (there won’t be electricity and everything needing power as of tomorrow morning); 3. there is no food for our 500 medical students and 230 residents and postgraduate trainees sheltered in the compound and >300 patients; 4. no surgical service partly because staffs disappear (insecurrity) and no supplies; 5. there was a trial of robbery and we had to stand all together to protect our hospital…

Though it is not a good news I believe you have to know the status and use all your acquiantances to press on the international agencies.


Reiye Esayas, MD, FCS-ECSA, Associate Professor/Surgical gastroenterologist and minimal access surgeon, College of Health Sciences/Mekelle University